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Marlbrook Primary School

Welcome to the Reception home page! 


Dates for your diary

Phonics workshop for parents –Thursday 20th January 2.15pm

Bedtime stories –Wednesday   9th February   5.15pm-6.00pm

Parents Evening-Tuesday 1st March and Wednesday 2nd March

Family Easter Craft –Thursday 7th April 2.15pm

End of Spring term –Friday 8th April 3.15pm

Happy New Year! It is great to see the children excited to be back at school and hear all their Christmas news. A huge thank you to all who attended our Nativity performances. The children loved sharing their ‘show’ with family members. As always, if you have any concerns or worries please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.

This term our focus will be ‘Spectacular stories’.

This term in:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development- The children will be encouraged at all times to keep the school behavior expectations and be rewarded with ‘smileys’. Through our focus on Spectacular stories we will begin to teach the children about ‘Stranger Danger’ and how to keep safe. We will discuss different emotions and how to be a good friend.

Communication and Language–  The children will learn new vocabulary through stories. They will retell and sequence traditional tales using visual props and story sacks. We will continue to develop listening attention and concentration skills through group games. Speaking and listening will also continue to be developed through our ‘show and tell’

Physical Development– The children will continue to develop fine motor skills through play such as dough disco and wood work. The children will practice throwing and catching using a range of equipment e.g. bean bags, quoits, balls. They will learn to become more independent when dressing and undressing for PE.

Maths– The children will be learning about addition and subtraction and number bonds within 0-5. They will work on place value of numbers 0-10. They will learn to describe the properties of shapes. They will have lots of opportunities to measure and order by size, colour and shape. They will also learn simple data handling.

Understanding of the World–  This term the children will develop observational skills while carrying out investigations and will talk about their findings. We will plant a variety of flowers and vegetables and learn how to look after them.  We will also learn about life cycles. The children will find out about people who help us and how people celebrate ‘Chinese New year.

Literacy-We will continue our daily Bug Club phonics sessions. The focus will be listening skills, introducing new phonemes, learning new tricky words and segmenting and blending. We will be teaching the children a ‘rhyme a week’  As part of our focus on stories we will be writing letters, making lists, writing captions and invitations. The children will be encouraged to use their phonic knowledge to segment and blend when reading and continue to build their tricky word knowledge. They will enjoy a huge range of fairy tales through role play, books eBooks and music.

Expressive Art and Design–  The children will have the opportunity to use collage to create simple models. They will be encouraged to talk about their ideas first and construct with a purpose in mind. RW and RO will have dance lessons with a specialist teacher this term

Don’t forget:

Please make sure all clothing that your child wears to school are named. 

Your child needs to bring their book bag to school every day.

Many thanks

Mrs Osborne

Early Years Manager



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