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Marlbrook Primary School



We would like to welcome back all the children and their families to what we hope will be another fantastic term. We hope you all had a lovely break and are well rested ready for the new term.

The children have well and truly settled into year two now and are already working hard and we have been impressed with their positive attitudes and readiness for learning already and have enjoyed seeing their smiles after the festive break.


Year 2 staff

Miss Darling, Miss James, Miss Lord and Mrs Hutton will be teaching in Year 2 this year. Miss Davies, Mrs Howells and Mrs Mitchell will be our teaching assistants.



In English, we will be looking at texts from Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The children will be using ideas from the text to write their own fictional pieces and will also be using the text to explore a range of non-fiction genres.  In addition, we will continue to teach phonics skills to enable your child to read with increasing fluency and to spell unfamiliar words.



Reading continues to be a priority in Year 2 and we would urge you to hear your child read as often as possible. It is important that the children are also given the opportunity to talk about what they have read and answer questions as this helps them to understand what they are reading. We will continue to hear your child read in school regularly.



There will be an emphasis on multiplication facts and times tables this term. Children will be encouraged to apply their knowledge and use it in real life contexts.

Helping your child to learn their times tables will greatly benefit them, particularly the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.



Your child will receive spellings every Friday to be tested the following Thursday. If your child is absent on the day new spellings are given, please remind them that they need to collect a copy on their return. A few minutes a night spent on these, really helps children retain information for longer. Alternate Maths and English homework will be set on Friday. Please could homework be returned on or before Thursday.


Our History topic this term will be based on travel and transport and how modes of transport have developed throughout history. We will research George Stephenson and find out why he was known as ‘The Father of Railways’. 

In Science, we will be continuing our topic on materials and their every day uses. We will be researching John McAdam and how he worked to improve our roads.

In Geography we will look at different weathers and climates around the world and learn about the equator and different weather extremes.

In Computing children will continue to learn about computer programming and how to develop their own code to control objects on the screen

In PSHE our focus will be based around understanding and honesty.


PE takes place for the following classes on;

2D – Monday and Tuesday

2J – Monday and Wednesday

2L – Tuesday and Wednesday

Please feel welcome to discuss any concerns or queries you may have throughout the year. If you could make the teacher aware that you would like a discussion we will gladly make a time available to you, but please be aware that the start of the school day is often a very busy time and it might not always be possible to discuss your child there and then.

We look forward to the exciting term ahead!

Miss James, Miss Darling and Miss Lord