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Marlbrook Primary School



Spring Term in Year One

Year 1 staff:
1B- Miss Buckley and Miss Stroucken
1G- Mrs Greenhalgh and Mrs Cripps
1DE- Mrs Evans, Mrs Douthwaite and Miss Francis

We will carry on with daily phonics to support our reading and writing using the Bug Club scheme. In the first half of the Spring term our focus will be on 'Traditional Tales'. We will continue to work on constructing sentences with capital letters, full stops and spaces, and using conjunctions like 'and' or 'but' to join two sentences together. We will explore adjectives to add description to our writing and look at how we spell plurals by adding 's' or 'es'. We will introduce the use of exclamation marks. We will also focus on improving handwriting, with the aim of achieving all lower-case letters in the right direction, starting and finishing in the correct place, and beginning to form an increasing number of upper-case letters correctly

Please continue to support reading at home as much as possible, both with hearing your child read the books they bring home, and the reading and phonic activities on Bug Club. As your child's books increase in length so should your reading sessions. Rainbow Readers certificates will continue, so please sign to let us know they have read, aiming for FIVE times a week to increase fluency and comprehension skills. Being able to discuss characters, and make predictions and inferences becomes increasingly important as books become more detailed

We will look to further develop understanding of number up to 100, with activities relating to place value and simple calculation including:

-Multiplication by grouping.
-Dividing by grouping and sharing.
-Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to 100.
-Doubling numbers and linking this to multiplication.
-We will look at 2D and 3D shape, as well as looking at half and quarter of objects, shapes and quantities.

In Science we will be learning to name different materials and exploring their properties and uses. We will revisit parts of the body and look at healthy eating and exercise. We will continue to look at seasonal changes

Please can children leave their P.E kits in school all week and take home for washing, if necessary, at the weekend. They will have at least one set P.E lesson a week. During the Spring term we will be working on aspects of throwing and catching, football, multi-skills and health-related fitness. We will also continue to take part in a daily 5-minute walk/run/jog which we call our 'daily mile'. Last term this saw a great improvement in our stamina and fitness levels.

We will continue to explore Christianity, looking at what Christians believe God is like. We will also begin to look at the Jewish faith.

Our Computing focus will be the beginning of simple coding skills. In History we will continue to reinforce understanding of time vocabulary and begin to explore life further in the past, looking at how things have changed beyond living memory. We will extend our understanding of simple timelines to help us order events and artefacts.

 In D.T we will explore junk modelling, looking at the work of architect Thomas Heatherwick, followed by a unit on designing and making healthy snacks.
Our Music lessons will involve elements of listening and appraising, singing, playing instruments, improvising, composing and performing.

Respecting our differences and exploring ways to resolve conflicts. Keeping safe and healthy.

The children will continue to learn through a combination of focused adult-led activities and enhanced provision, where the children take responsibility for directing and recording their learning. There will be an increase in the amount of adult-led activities across the term.

Please remember to label all of your child's belongings. It makes it much easier to return them to you if they are misplaced as many of their bottles/jumpers/coats/P.E kits etc look the same.