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Marlbrook Primary School





Welcome back to the summer term in year 1.

Your team are:

1H Mrs Hutton and Miss White

1G Mrs Greenhaigh and Miss Davies and Mrs Clarke.

1T Miss Thomas and Mrs Cripps

PPA time will be with Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Macintyre.  


Important notices

We will still be providing some continuous provisions in the afternoons to enable the children to take an active role in their own learning and to further their understanding.

 Fruit will be provided for the morning play. They also need to bring in a water-bottle. Please can all school uniform, lunchboxes and drinks bottles be clearly named.

Also, please remember as the weather improves sunhats and suntan lotion will be necessary.



The range of teaching will include units on: Number; number and place value - Count, read, write and compare numbers to 100. Addition and Subtraction. Oral and mental skills will be practised daily and will include: Count reliably up to 100 objects. We will be looking at time and teaching O’clock and half past, as well as measurements of length, height mass and volume. We will be learning the value of British coins and exploring 2D and 3D shapes further.



 In English this term we will continue to develop the children’s application of phonics knowledge and sentence structure through a variety of writing genres. We are starting with the book Mr Post Mouse.

We will be teaching phonics as a class this year with our new scheme Bugclub Phonics which corresponds to the books that he children read already read.

*You may notice your children are bringing home books they have already read- this is because your children will be practising the specific sounds which appear in that book. Children will move on to the next book when they are confident and fluent in the one they are currently on*


Rainbow Readers

We would like to stress how important it is for you to listen to your child read at home. Please sign your child's reading diary to let us know you have read with them. Your child may have the same book more than once as we will not progress them onto the next book until they are secure in reading the graphemes contained in that book.

If you child reads 5 times at home in one week they will be awarded a rainbow readers certificate. When they have 5 certificates in the half term they will get to choose a book to take home to keep and share with their family.



Our topic this term is ‘Where I Live.’ The children will be looking at the geography of Herefordshire and exploring it through art, DT science and computing. 



We will be exploring everyday materials though our topic of Where I Live and the season of summer.



All children will be required to have a PE kit in school which can be stored on their pegs for the half term.  We are delighted to have the dance teacher with us for the first half term. 

PE days are as follows

1H Thursdays

1T Friday

1G Friday.